Water Damage Lancaster CA

Water Damage RestorationSam Miller’s Carpet Care located in Lancaster, Calif. has the specialty equipment required to complete a water damage cleanup in a home or business on a round-the-clock basis. We understand how to inspect immediately after a natural disaster such as a heavy rainstorm or flooding incident from waterways to determine the best method to extract moisture from carpeting, padding and tile. My company has vans filled with industrial-strength extraction machines and specialized chemicals to make repairs efficiently.

Preventing Mold Growth

After completing an inspection of a client’s property, Sam Miller’s Carpet Care will discuss water damage cleanup options to prevent mold growth and mildew odors while removing moisture from all surfaces. Beginning the drying and extraction process as quickly as possible helps to avoid additional problems, including water-soaked insulation and electrical wiring inside walls and ceilings. To ensure surfaces dry as fast as possible in a building, Sam Miller’s Carpet Care install air circulation systems near doorways and windows to reduce high humidity levels.

Latest Drying Technology

Water Damage Lancaster CA 661-728-0482The carpets, rugs and padding in buildings tend to soak up water quickly as moisture seeps along fibers to enter baseboards located near walls. As a professional carpet cleaning company, Sam Miller’s Carpet Care have the latest drying technology that is designed to extract moisture from the fibers of wall-to-wall carpeting along with debris such as waste from sewage systems or overflowing toilets. In addition to removing clean or filthy water from flooded surfaces, sanitize floors, walls and ceilings to destroy dangerous pathogens that can cause illness.

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