Top Benefits Of Using Baking Soda On Carpet Odors

Odors in carpets are a major problem in many households. We have pets, children, spills and other reasons stenches build up in carpeting. While the commercial brands you see in the stores and advertised on television aren’t afraid to make promises about getting your carpets fresh and clean, they rarely deliver. Turn to a tried-and-true method instead, and enjoy more than a few benefits.DogAndCat

No Harmful Chemicals

Using baking soda over commercially made odor removers for carpets means you’re exposing yourself and your household to fewer dangerous chemicals. Many of the big names in odor removal have explicit warnings that their products are dangerous to inhale and may even harm small pets. Baking soda, however, is safe for normal household use, no matter who is going to be roaming around on your carpets.

It Doesn’t Just Conceal Odors

As nicely smelling as the odor removing products you buy in the store may be, that smell doesn’t hang around. Once it’s gone, the odors in your carpet come back. Rather than just covering up stinky smells, baking soda actually absorbs them on the molecular level. Most major brands can’t make that claim, but they are happy to sell you their products as real solutions. Try a few sprinkles of baking soda, leave it on the odorous areas, then vacuum an hour or so later. The smell subsides, without leaving heavy chemical or perfume residues.

You Can’t Beat The Price

With big name products come big time price tags, that’s a simple fact of life. With the cost of just one bottle of a major brand’s odor remover for carpets, you could instead purchase multiple boxes of baking soda. Look for a sale on baking soda and stock up: You won’t have to buy anything for carpet odors for months on end.

Keeping a few boxes of baking soda in the house won’t just help with carpets, because there are a million uses for it. Getting odors out of carpets is just one big way this product has stood the test of time and really beats other products hands-down every time.

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