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Why It’s Important To Professionally Clean Your Carpets Regularly

Putting carpet in your home is one of the largest investments that you can make, but it comes with a price, and that is if any one part of it gets ruined you may have to replace all of it at the same time. Of course, this depends on the layout of your house and whether or not it’s important to you have all the carpet that is visible be color matched and of the same style. For this reason it’s important that you take good care of your carpet and have it cleaned regularly, plus have any stains or spots removed at that time. But, just how often should you have your carpet cleaned?  Most experts will say about twice per year.LivingRoomWhite-300x213

The first line of defense in keeping your carpet looking good is a regular vacuuming on at least a weekly basis, more often if you have indoor  pets. But even a good thorough vacuuming won’t extract all of the organic matter, cooking odors, and tracked in dirt from deep down in your carpet. And when it comes to deep cleaning your carpet it’s best to call in the professionals with modern steam cleaning equipment. Carpet cleaners today have all the best equipment that can produce steam which will penetrate deep into the fibers and below, in order to loosen any spilled food, dust mites, and dirt that had fallen off your shoes.  This is important because all of these problems together combine to mat down your carpet and grind the fibers over time similar to sandpaper, leaving permanent wear marks in your carpet. Most carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning your carpet professionally every six months however, if you have pets it’s highly recommended to clean your carpets every three months to avoid problems.

So as you can see, if getting the maximum lifetime of about 10 years from your carpet is important to you, you should have it professionally steam cleaned about every three months with pets or at least every six months without, in order to get the full value of your investment in carpet.

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